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The Most Versatile Decorative Item You Need

Trays are the most versatile decorative in your home accessories arsenal. They come in multiple colours, shapes, sizes, styles and forms that can organize your items and elevate your style. When hosting an afternoon tea with your girlfriends or dinner drinks with guests, beautiful trays come in handy for service and cleaning. If you’re still doubtful of how adecorative tray can change your life, read on for Picket&Rail’s foolproof styling tips below!

Small and Sweet

Don’t think that you should only collect large trays.  A collection of small ones makes them perfect for corralling a few items together to brighten a spot where a large tray just won’t fit. Our metalAlvada Decorative Tray with small gold birds accent can be a great side table accessory!

Great Kitchen Organizers

The one place where small items gather is the kitchen. Rubber bands from takeaways, pins for leftover crisps, pens for recipe books and raffia strings for the bin bags. Collect them all in a tray for a neat presentation with easy access. Keeping your kitchen organized means a happy home!

A waterproof, plastic tray is the safest bet in a humid and warm environment. Get theFloral Decorative Tray Set of 2 for your kitchen!

Perfect Centerpiece Base

Any centerpiece or vignette always has more presence and looks more ‘important’ and cohesive when the components are grouped together on a base. This is where you can get a little creative. Placeaccents, snacks,candles,hourglasses orbotanicals, the tray is truly your oyster! When selecting items, remember that all the items need to fit well on the tray, feel balanced and not too crowded.

For a statement look, go with theAnimal Print Tray Set of 2! It’ll definitely bring out your wild side. If you're into elegance and old hollywood glam, our Mirrored Tray would be the perfect fit for your interiors.

3 Elements of the Perfect Tray-scape

It doesn’t matter if you’re using your tray as a base for a centerpiece or to create a display somewhere in your home, there are three elements that you should always include: varying heights, texture and empty space.

Varying heights add interest, texture adds depth and a bit of empty space keeps the tray from looking like it’s crammed full with just a bunch of stuff.

We have a wide variety of materials and styles for every home. Most of them are limited edition items sold online on AB Home, so be the early bird to get the worm!