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Modular Bedroom Solutions for Any Situation

The modern consumer demands far too much from their furniture. From flexibility in choice, aesthetic and functionality to budgeting, the list of demands is formidable. The good news is that modular furniture is here to meet and exceed all the set expectations. 

AtPicket&Rail, we understand that furniture no longer refers to something that is immobile and enormous, silently occupying a large space of the house while serving very specific, individual needs. Today, furniture is much more dynamic. Not only can it reassemble to suit varying needs, but also change at a moment’s notice to occupy less space or encompass more. Truly,Norya modular furniture has the solution for most design problems. 

Fits your shape

Say you’ve been blessed with an unorthodox room shape, almost wonky even. It can be a challenging task to find traditional furniture like beds or sofas to do justice to that space. A challenging space can be even fun to furnish, especially when modular furniture is added to the mix. From customizable sectional sofas, to modular beds built to maximize space, every shape can be dealt with, with a modular solution on hand.

More the merrier

Hosting people is always tricky, but can be especially challenging for a single person or a small family. This is because they have furnished their space while accounting for just themselves, making it harder to fit in or even entertain more than a specific number of people. Here is where modular solutions can truly shine. An especially useful piece is the fold out dinner/coffee table that can allow for double the table seating instantly. The pull out sofa bed can also help you accommodate more people without anyone having to endure the dreary air mattresses.

Future insurance

An unspoken rule of hustling in the big city is the probability of moving every so often. An essential problem with moving lock stock and barrel is fitting in everything from your old place into the new one. You may not have the same shape or even a similar floor plan in your new apartment, making the moving process a whole lot harder than it needs to be. Modular furniture can assist beautifully due to their very nature. They are made up of pieces that can be re-arranged to fit your new space without you undergoing the hassle of buying everything from scratch, not to mention the financial burden of the latter.


Our mission is to help you find the pieces that best suit your needs and space.Norya helps you match with furniture that not only meet your requirements, but also match the pace of your lifestyle.