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Do The Comfort Test Before Buying Any Sofa With No Regrets

87% of online sofa buyers who did not try out their sofa purchase beforehand had regrets. Looks can be deceiving. Comfort should be the number one factor for sofa selection. 93% of sofa buyers who placed comfort as their number one purchase factor had no regrets. So visit us at 35 Senang Crescent to test drive probably the world's most comfortable sofas.



Buy Singapore's Best Fabric Sofa From Picket&Rail ?

In the busy city of Singapore, where apartment living is the norm, finding the right fabric sofa with the right quality materials that perfectly fits your space becomes essential. At our showroom, we have carefully curated a range of fabric sofas designed specifically for apartment living, ensuring both style and functionality.

We also have sofas for larger houses as well. Here's are reasons to buy from Picket&Rail.

#1 Space-Saving Designs For HDB Flats And Condominiums:

Our fabric sofas feature space-saving designs that optimize your living area. Whether you have a cozy studio apartment or a compact living room, our sofas are thoughtfully crafted to maximize seating capacity without compromising on comfort.

#2 Compact Dimensions For Smaller Spaces:

We understand that every inch of your apartment counts. Our fabric sofas come in a range of compact sizes. From large modular and sectional sofas to single seaters. This allows you to find the ideal fit for your space. From slim armrests to slim profiles, our designs are designed to provide ample seating while reducing the space used.

#3 Modular Flexibility For Larger Homes:

Apartments often come with different layouts and limited space arrangements. To address these difficulties, we offer modular both fabric and leather sofas that can be customized and rearranged to suit your changing needs. This flexibility ensures that your sofa adapts without any problems to your apartment, no matter the size or layout.

#4 The Best European And Hangzhou Fabrics

We have a wide range quality fabric materials to choose from

    • Linen is a popular fabric choice known for its natural beauty, breathability, and durability. It has a relaxed and timeless appeal, making it suitable for a variety of sofa styles.
    • Velvet adds a touch of luxury and sophistication to sofas. It has a soft and plush texture, creating an inviting seating experience. Velvet fabrics come in various colors and can enhance the visual aesthetic of your sofa.
    • Chenille is a fabric characterized by its raised pile and velvety texture. It provides both comfort and visual interest to sofas. Chenille fabrics come in a range of colors and patterns, offering versatility in design.
    • Jacquard fabrics are known for their intricate woven patterns. Hangzhou's jacquard fabrics often feature elaborate designs and motifs, offering a visually captivating option for sofa upholstery.
    • Linen Blends are fabrics that combine the natural appeal of linen with other fibers. These blends offer a balance of durability, breathability, and texture, making them suitable for comfortable and stylish sofa upholstery.

When choosing fabrics for your sofa, consider factors such as the desired aesthetic, durability, comfort, and maintenance requirements. Exploring different fabric types and their characteristics will help you find the perfect option that suits your preferences and complements your living space.

#5 500+ Choices Of Colors And Textures

With over 100 choices of color and a wide array of sofa fabric material types, you have the freedom to customize your fabric sofa to suit your unique style and preferences for Singapore. From classic neutrals like black, brown, and white, to bold and vibrant hues like red, blue, or green, the color options are virtually endless. This vast selection ensures that you can find the perfect color and fabric type combination to create a sofa that complements your decor and reflects your individual taste.

#6 Features For City Living:

Just because you live in an apartment doesn't mean you have to sacrifice a lot. Our fabric sofas are designed with features for city living. These include

    • Narrow Arms
    • USB charging ports
    • Wall hugging recliners
    • Sofas with smaller depths
    • Convertible sofa that can transform into a bed can be a practical choice for city living, especially if you frequently have overnight guests.

#7 We Are The Exclusive Distributor Of KukaHome

KukaHome is probably one of the leading fabric sofa makers in the world. They make sofas for all the top European and American brands in the world. They have hundreds of design awards and patents. However the main reason they are number one is the comfort of their sofas. Their expertise in ergonomics is the best. Test drive a Kuka sofa and understand why.

#8 10 Year Structural Warranty Upgrade

Our sofa frames are made with solid European Larch wood and ply with hardened steel brackets and connectors. Our reclining mechanisms are the best in class and operate smoothly and without effort for years.

All our sofas get a 10 year structural warranty upgrade when you pay by bank transfer / PayNow / NETS. The standard warranty is three years.

#9 Free Delivery And Assembly

No hidden cost when you buy a fabric sofa from us. The cost of delivery and assembly are included in our prices.

#10 Since 1999 We have The Best Consultants

Our consultants have more than two centuries of experience in the fabric sofa and furniture industry. They understand about the right fabric materials for sofas. So visit at our showroom at 35 Senang Crescent and let our consultants help you buy a sofa that will serve you for many years. We have been selling fabric sofas since 1999.

At our showroom, we take pride in offering fabric sofa designs and sizes that are perfectly suited for apartment living in Singapore. Our collection combines space-saving functionality, comfort, and style, ensuring that your sofa becomes a cherished centerpiece in your apartment. Visit us today and explore our range of fabric sofas tailored to meet the unique demands of apartment dwellers.

Where Can I Buy My Fabric Sofa

Visit our showroom at 35 Senang Crescent and let our consultants help you select a fabric sofa for Singapore that best suits your needs. You may also contact us by WhatsApp.

If you getting a ride-hailing vehicle or taking a taxi you can redeem your charges up to $30/- for purchases exceeding $300/-.

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Types Of Fabric Sofas

There are various types of fabric sofas available in Singapore, each with its own unique design and features. Here are a few common types:

Traditional Sofa:

This is the classic and most common type of fabric sofa. It typically features a straight backrest, padded arms, and upholstered cushions. Traditional sofas come in various materials, colors, and patterns to suit different decor styles.

Chesterfield Sofa:

Known for its distinctive tufted and buttoned upholstery, the Chesterfield sofa exudes elegance and sophistication. It often has a rolled backrest and arms of equal height, giving it a luxurious and timeless look.

Lawson Sofa:

The Lawson sofa is characterized by its relaxed and casual design. It usually has loose cushions, a backrest lower than the arms, and simple lines. Lawson sofas offer a comfortable and versatile seating option.

Mid-Century Modern Sofa:

Inspired by the design trends of the mid-20th century, these sofas feature clean lines, tapered legs, and often have a sleek and minimalist appearance. They are popular for their retro charm and can add a touch of vintage style to a room.

Sleeper Sofa:

Also known as a sofa bed or pull-out sofa, this type of sofa serves a dual purpose. During the day, it functions as a regular sofa, and at night, it can be transformed into a bed by pulling out a hidden mattress. Sleeper sofas are great for accommodating overnight guests without the need for a separate guest bed.

Sectional Sofa:

While traditionally a sectional sofa consists of multiple connected sections, there are also 3-seater sectional sofas available. These sofas feature an L-shaped or U-shaped design and can include a chaise lounge or reclining seats. Sectional sofas offer flexibility in seating arrangements and are popular for their comfort and spaciousness.

These are just a few examples of the types of 3-seater sofas available. The choice ultimately depends on personal preference, style, and the specific needs of the living space.

Why Buy Fabric Sofas

Discover the exceptional world of Picket&Rail fabric sofas in Singapore, where comfort, style, and quality converge to create the perfect seating experience. Here's why our fabric sofas are well known for their excellence.

Unparalleled Comfort:

Sink into luxurious comfort as our fabric sofas envelop you in their plush cushions and ergonomic designs. Crafted with precision, they offer optimal support and relaxation, making every seating moment a delight.

Extensive Sofa Fabric Material Selection:

Experience the freedom of choice with our wide range of premium fabrics. We have the best fabrics from Europe and Hangzhou. From soft and cozy textures to durable and stain-resistant options, we offer an array of fabrics to suit your preferences and lifestyle. Find the perfect blend of comfort and aesthetics that reflects your unique style.

Craftsmanship and Durability:

At Picket&Rail, we prioritize exceptional craftsmanship and durability. Our fabric sofas are meticulously constructed using high-quality materials and reinforced frames, ensuring longevity and resilience. With proper care, our sofas will withstand the test of time, providing enduring comfort for years to come.

Customizable Options:

Personalize your living space with our customizable fabric sofas. Choose from a variety of designs, sizes, and configurations to match your specific requirements and spatial constraints. Whether you need a compact loveseat or a spacious sectional, we have the perfect solution for your living room.

Versatile Designs:

Our sofas encompass a diverse range of styles, from contemporary and minimalist to classic and traditional. Whatever your taste or interior décor theme, our collection offers a multitude of options to complement and elevate your living space.

Easy Maintenance:

Our sofas are designed for convenience and easy maintenance. Many of our fabric options are stain-resistant and easy to clean, ensuring that accidental spills or everyday wear and tear won't compromise the beauty or functionality of your sofa. Enjoy problem free upkeep and peace of mind.

Attention to Detail:

We pride ourselves on the meticulous attention to detail in every aspect of our fabric sofas. From the stitching and finishing touches to the carefully selected upholstery, our commitment to quality shines through in every element. Experience the difference that exceptional quality makes.

Outstanding Value:

Picket&Rail fabric sofas offer remarkable value for their exceptional quality and features. We believe in providing our customers with affordable luxury. Making sure that you can enjoy the finest in comfort and style without hurting your budget.

Elevate your living space with the exquisite craftsmanship and unbeatable comfort of Picket&Rail fabric sofas. Immerse yourself in a world of relaxation and style, where every seating experience is a testament to our commitment to excellence. Visit our showroom today to discover the perfect fabric sofa for your home.

Types Of Fabric Sofa Materials

There is a wide variety of material options available for fabric sofas in Singapore. Here are some common types of fabrics used for sofas:


Cotton is a natural fabric known for its softness and breathability. It is comfortable to sit on and comes in a range of patterns and colors. However, cotton may be prone to wrinkling and may require regular maintenance.


Linen is another natural fabric that offers a light and airy feel. It is highly breathable and has a textured appearance. Linen sofas provide a relaxed and casual aesthetic, but they may wrinkle easily and require more frequent care.


Polyester is a synthetic fabric that is durable and resistant to wrinkling, fading, and staining. It is easy to clean and maintain, making it a practical choice for busy households. Polyester sofas come in a variety of colors and patterns.


Microfiber is a type of synthetic fabric made from ultra-fine fibers. It is known for its softness, durability, and stain resistance. Microfiber sofas are easy to clean and can withstand heavy use, making them suitable for families or high-traffic areas.


Velvet is a luxurious and plush fabric that adds a touch of elegance to a sofa. It has a soft and smooth texture and comes in various colors. Velvet sofas can make a statement and create a sophisticated ambiance, but they may require more care and maintenance.


Chenille is a fabric characterized by its velvety texture and raised pile. It is often made from cotton, acrylic, or polyester yarns. Chenille sofas provide a cozy and inviting feel and are available in different colors and patterns.

Faux Leather:

Faux leather, also known as synthetic leather or leatherette, is a man-made alternative to genuine leather. It is typically made from materials like polyurethane (PU) or polyvinyl chloride (PVC). Faux leather sofas offer a sleek and modern look without the use of animal products. These materials are often classified as fabrics.

These are just a few examples of the fabric options available for sofas. The choice of fabric depends on factors such as comfort, durability, maintenance requirements, aesthetics, and personal preferences.