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⅓ People Wash Their Bedsheets Once A Year

We are sad to bring you the grossest news you will likely hear today.

A third of people in the UK only wash their bedsheets once a year. One time. In a whole year. The research, based on a survey of 2,000 conducted by Hammonds Furniture, found that Brits are falling behind when it comes to keeping up with washing.

One in three (30%) admitted to washing their bedding just once a year, a habit which experts say can lead to bacteria build-ups, itchy skin, and mites. And our gross habits don’t stop at the bed sheets. 36% of Brits only wash blankets once a year, and 18% admitted to only washing jeans annually.

(source: Metro UK)

How Inkagu Tencel Bedsheets Lets You Be Lazier

#1 Anti-bacterial Zinc Oxide Permanently Infused

It is universally known that zinc oxide nanoparticles are antibacterial and inhibit the growth of microorganisms. The natural antimicrobial effects of zinc oxide have been extensively documented. In experimental studies, zinc oxide successfully killed odour-causing bacteria!

Owing to the patented manufacturing process, the zinc in SMARTCEL™sensitive is preserved and permanently embedded into the Tencel® fibre, even after multiple washing cycles. This natural fibre is produced without the use of aggressive chemicals and is Standard 100 Oeko-tex® certified.

Without any chance of odour and bacterial growth, the bedsheets stays fresher for longer compared to the rest so that you can sleep in and forget about chores.

#2 Revolutionary Dermofresh® Technology

Our Dermofresh® technology combined with Botanic Tencel® ticks all the boxes for easier care. Developed and patented by researchers and scientists in Europe, a special breathable waterproof membrane is integrated into the bedsheets, functioning as our 'second-skin'.

The ‘Second-skin’ membrane behaves as if it were indeed a second skin; it breathes, is waterproof, elastic, makes no noise and is invisible to the eye. Not only does it protect you from the buggers on your mattress such as bed bugs and dust mites gnawing away on your dead skin cell sheds, your mattress is protected from breakfasts in bed, midnight surprises, bodily fluids and more.

Above all, it doesn’t interfere at all with the luxurious comfort of your pillows and mattresses. You can fully enjoy the cooling properties of your mattress (such as the ShinJu Air III) and hang out in bed comfortably.

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