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Total Sleep Solution

We have developed an approach to total sleep where every key component of your bed is perfectly matched with one another to maximize the following:
  • coolness
  • hygiene
  • healing
  • better sex
  • deeper sleep
  • back support

Too often many sleep products are developed separately and certain positive functions are neutralized by a function of another product such as bedsheetsthat cover the wicking surface of mattresses. The cooling effect of the mattress is completely lost.

Our philosophy is that your bed frame, mattress, pillow and bedding must work as one and not as separate products.

Maximizing Coolness

Our products (pillows, bedsheets, mattress and bedframes) are matched to maximize coolness.


  • The Conductive Ice Fabric of our mattress conducts heat from our Bedsheets to the outer surfaces nearer the edges of mattress. It works seamlessly with our bedsheets' Tencel surface.
  • Our bedsheets are made from botanical certified Tencel. This is the highest quality of wicking fabric. Skin moisture is transported from the skin surface by capillary action of the hollow Tencel fibers. This keeps you dry and comfortable. Bedsheets with Tencel are 10x more effective than Tencel on the mattress surface simply because your skin is in contact with the bedsheet and not the mattress.
  • Our Ice Fabric Contoured Head Pillow work with our Tencel pillow cases in a similar fashion and keeps your face cool and refreshed.
  • Our cool botanical Tencel is so soft and gentle on our skin. There is minimal skin friction. Our facial skin is most delicate and can be easily damaged by rough fabrics.
  • To further to keep you cool, our mattress' comfort foam layer is made from our patented Air-Gel memory foam. This is a special kind of foam. Gel droplets in the foam keeps you cool through "change of state"* technology. As you roll and move on your bed the gel droplets are liquefied by your movement. This liquidation process requires energy and "consumes" the surrounding heat causing the surrounding temperature to drop.

Additionally our cool technology can help reduce you air conditioning requirements and cost.

Maximizing Hygiene

The number one reason for changing a mattress is probably hygiene. Humans produce several kilograms of waste very year. We perspire, secrete genital liquids, shed dead skin, excrete nasal fluids, drool saliva, drop hair, litter dandruff and expire other numerous biological deposits. Mattresses weigh significantly heavier after a few years.

The more comfortable the mattress top the faster it will get dirty. Dirty mattress tops quickly lose their wicking properties that keep you cool. The hollow fibers of these special cool fabrics get clogged up with human waste.

Traditional cotton bedsheets cannot protect any mattress. They keep you cool by being totally porous. The exact opposite of protection.

Typical mattress protectors are very uncomfortable and changes the feel of your mattress. You instantly reduce your thousand dollar mattress to a hundred dollar one. Any cooling technology on your mattress top will be completely wasted.

Our high tech patented breathable membrane bedsheets are the ultimate solution to mattress hygiene. It allows air molecules to pass through easily but not larger water molecules.
  • It prevents all human waste from penetrating to the mattress. Even copious amounts of urine and perspiration.
  • Our bedsheets and pillow cases also prevents bacteria, germs and living organisms to penetrate into the mattress. Not all of us climb into bed perfectly bathed and thoroughly cleansed.
  • The coolness of the bedsheet reduces perspiration.
  • The coolness of the mattress further reduces perspiration by transporting heat away from the bedsheets.
  • The patented Dermofresh technology built into our bedsheets eliminates human responsible odours.
  • Our patented active charcoal foam/fabric used in the comfort layer of our mattress keeps odours in check for waste that has penetrated the mattress surface.
  • The Conductive Ice Fabric surface of our ShinJu AirGel III is also easy to clean and does not soil so easily as it does not employ wicking technology to keep you cool.
  • Our easy to clean bed frames and storage beds keep your room clean and organised. This reduces dust build-up and hidden health hazards.
Our bedsheets extend the lifespan of our mattresses for many more years by keeping it super clean and healthy.

Ask for our bundle deal to get the complete solution. Our bedsheets and mattresses work literally hand in hand.

Maximising Healing

The bedroom is where you should engage in three activities

  • Sleep
  • Sex
  • Healing

Most sleep solutions don't address the third activity. They assume healing is only through sleep and self repair. We believe in doing more. We believe in active healing technology. Our healing technologies include:

  • Integrated zinc oxide pillow cases. These pillow cases heal facial skin damage with zinc oxide technology. It can promote the healing of chapped skin, skin irritation, redness, facial abrasions and rash. It also works as a mild astringent. Some clients have noticeable improvement in skin smoothness and tightness. It also has some antiseptic properties that is beneficial for acne sufferers.
  • Integrated zinc oxide bedsheets work similarly to our pillow cases. For the skin healing property to work more effectively sleep naked.
  • Active charcoal foam embedded in our ShinJu Air Gel mattresses. Bedrooms are filled with many items other than your bed. There is your wardrobe, room wall paint, your flooring, your other furniture, your curtains, your ceiling board and many other things. Many of them are responsible for off-gassing numerous types of chemicals. Your native charcoal foam neutralizes these poisonous toxins in the air continuously. 

Again our bedsheets and mattresses are designed to work together.

Maximising Better Sex

The ShinJu mattress was originally developed for sex. We were the original sex mattress. We felt many famous mattress brands were designing products specifically for sleep but were not very good for sex. So the ShinJu mattress was conceived.

We have expanded our thoughts and have now made bed sheets and bedframes that are good for sex as well.

Our total approach is so good for sex.
  • Our mattresses are not mushy and overly plush. Sex is a vigorous physical activity and firmness is important. Our double tempered springs give the right amount of bounce and firmness.
  • Our mattress edges are always firmer. Many sexual adventures happen at the edge of the bed. Many exotic positions have the full weight of both partners over a small area at the edge.
  • Sex is extremely messy. Bodily fluids and inspired perspiration abound. Our bedsheets protect your mattress from embarrassing stains.
  • Worrying about stains can also affect your sexual performance. Interrupting your acts of love to clean up becomes unnecessary.
  • Our pillows cases not only keep out bed bugs and mites it also prevent stains and odours from getting onto our pillows. Use them in emergency situations as well.
  • Our pillows can be used to refine certain positions. Its forgiving contours are gentle on the back.
  • Our cool bedsheets and mattresses keep you comfortable and focused.
  • Our philosophy of sleeping naked encourages more sexual intimacy.
  • Our super soft and gentle Tencel bedsheets don't give you knee burns like cotton bedsheets. Keeps you going all night long.
  • Our super sturdy bedframes enhance our stiff mattress edges to maximise your performance.
  • Our bedframes provide a solid foundation for our mattresses' pocket springs to endure your relentless pursuit for satisfaction.

Maximising Back Support

Our mattresses and pillows work together to give you the best support possible. We strongly recommend side sleepers to purchase our pillows to go along with our mattresses.

  • Our ShinJu AirGel mattresses really feel plush yet firm. They provide comfort and support similar to mattresses twice or three times our prices.
  • Double carbon tempered double diameter individual pocketed springs.
  • Edge support for ShinJu AirGel II and III mattresses.
  • The combination of latex foam, AirGel memory foam and active charcoal foam provides unmatched support and comfort. Besides support this foam combination provides healing and cooling functions.
  • Consistent performance. This particular AirGel memory foam is specially patented because of a special property. Everyone knows memory foam is one of the best sleep support materials in the world but suffered from erratic performance because its elasticity was affected by body and room temperature. AirGel memory foam's elastic properties remain constant at a wide range of temperatures.
  • Our spring strengths differ from the top (head) of the mattress to the feet. This multi zone approach caters for different weights and shape of the human body. This refined approach is usually found only in very high end models but not in ours.
  • Our pillow height and the sink factor of our mattresses combine to give side sleepers reduced pressure on their shoulders. Overly thick pillows cause neck problems.
  • Our mattresses are designed to cater to more than 97% of all body shapes and sizes.
  • Our super sturdy platforms bedframes do not flex so easily. This maximises the properties of the mattress. Soft bed slats and platforms can cause your mattress to "over deform" and cause backaches.

Maximising Depth of Sleep

Our total sleep approach is intended to let you enter into a deep sleep as quickly as possible. We are able achieve this by

  • Keeping things cool
  • Keeping things healthy
  • Keeping things hygienic
  • Keeping things sexy
  • Keeping things supportive
  • Keeping things worry-free

Your body can reach a more relax state more quickly if both body and mind is relaxed.

What's more with our bedsheets you don't have to worry about:

  • Sudden unexpected menstruation flows that might stain the mattress
  • Your child having a night pee or shit if he/she is co sleeping with you.
  • Incontinent issues that cause stains.
  • Post sex clean-ups.

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