Are Korean Honeycomb Blinds the Right Ones For You? - Picket&Rail Custom Furniture Interiors Are Korean Honeycomb Blinds the Right Ones For You? - Picket&Rail Custom Furniture Interiors

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Are Korean Honeycomb Blinds the Right Ones For You?

WinUs® Korean Honeycomb blinds (also called cellular shades) are the preferred choice for many due to the advantages they provide, ranging from better insulation to privacy and light control. If you're looking to purchase Korean Honeycomb blinds, it's best to read this article before purchasing to check if they meet your standards and needs first.

What Korean Honeycomb Blinds Do Better

Better Insulation | Slim Profile | Better Privacy | Better Noise Cancellation

1. Better Insulation

These are blinds that block heat from the sun and filter out harmful UV rays. They have fabric cells which are able to trap air and provide better insulation.

In the hot and humid weather, they conserve air-conditioned cool air inside and in colder weather, they do the job of conserving heat within your rooms. This way, honeycomb blinds help to enhance the insulation of your home and increase energy efficiency.

2. Slim Profile

These honeycomb blinds have a small profile and don’t require a lot of depth. When the fabric is raised, the shade stacks at the top which varies in size depending on the length of the shade.

3. Better Privacy

If you are looking for blinds that, apart from better insulation, also provide greater privacy – thencellular shades would be the right choice. They are better equipped to filter out harsh light more efficiently as compared to other blinds. This becomes possible because of the multiple layers they have that effectively filters light which means it is difficult to look through these blinds from outside. 

4. Noise Cancellation

Installation of these blackout blinds depends upon your particular requirements. The cellular construction of honeycomb blinds also helps them block out some of the outside noise. This is especially useful if you live near an MRT station or highway! You can finally have a quiet and calm environment within your home. 

What Honeycomb Blinds Lack

Difficulty in Cleaning | Difficulty in Light Control

1. Difficulty in Cleaning

Over time, honeycomb blinds will get dusty and dirty, making it necessary to clean them. Cleaning these cellular shades can become a problem because of their honeycomb structure. It can be tricky to properly clean each and every cell in the cellular blind. So, you will have to take special care for cleaning these blinds.

WinUs® Korean Honeycomb blinds uses specialty fabric that is anti-dust and anti-static which makes it cleaner and low maintenance in an enclosed, air-conditioned space. 

2. Difficulty in Light Control

Normally, blinds like Venetian blinds let you control the amount of light coming in by easily rotating the slates. But, it is not so with cellular shades. If you have purchased single cell honeycomb blinds but want pitch black darkness in your room then it will not be possible unless you have blackout fabrics. Similarly, if you have blackout fabrics, then you can’t have the shade down while letting light in like you can do with a blind.

Bottom Line

WinUs® Korean Honeycomb blinds are great for people who stay in busier and warmer areas for better insulation and noise cancellation. Just like tea and coffee, these honeycomb blinds might not please everyone but it can be your new favourite. Come over to Picket&Rail Furniture Megastore @ 25 Tagore to see if these honeycomb blinds are the right ones for your home!