The Innovative Technology of the New Combi Blinds by WinUs® - Picket&Rail Custom Furniture Interiors The Innovative Technology of the New Combi Blinds by WinUs® - Picket&Rail Custom Furniture Interiors

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The Innovative Technology of the New Combi Blinds by WinUs®

There are two types of sleeping patterns in the world: those who sleep with light and those who sleep in total darkness. WinUs® aims to please both of these crowds by producing the New Combi Blinds range that can both filter out harsh sunlight during the day and grant you total darkness to sleep comfortably in at night.

This innovative invention gives you flexible control of the light and privacy level in a room, effectively combining the features of day + night curtains and roller blinds. The horizontal mesh slits and black-out fabric slits can be lined up easily to filter and block sunlight effectively. If you're not a big fan of the burning ball in our sky, the New Combi Blinds allows you to block out the world outside with little hassle.

You might be wondering: this concept isn't groundbreaking or new. How do the New Combi Blinds compare with those in the market anyway, aren't they all the same? The devil is in the details when it comes to quality blinds, and this article will show you how much WinUs® values the user experience.

Bottom Bar

The annoying slit in between fabric that casts shadows and collects dust us caused by using a U-shape bottom bar. To rid of this,  WinUs® New Combi Blinds uses a pentagon-shaped bottom bar that clasps the two fabric together tightly so that the slits line up better and there aren't any gaps in between. This helps smoothen the rolling process too.



Due to the gap in between fabrics, the black out capabilities of regular blinds aren't perfect - there will always be a little light that shines through the cracks which can be quite frustrating for dark sleepers. This worry is eliminated with the WinUs® New Combi Blinds which blocks out the light effectively with its improved patented roller mechanism and fabric quality. 

The fabric is also treated to ensure longer lifespan and strengthen colour retention. It also has anti-static, anti-bacterial and anti-fungal properties which repels dust and is extremely easy to maintain!

Encountering Obstructions

Sometimes blinds must be placed at an area where they will encounter obstructions that interferes in its path, such as a door handle.

As blinds can't be pulled straight down, there will be a slight bump. Regular combi blinds will falter here as the shape of the fabric can bend to the bump and not look smooth anymore, causing wrinkles and crumples. The WinUs® New Combi Blinds on the other hand have memory shape fabric so it would not crumple, plus the pentagon-shaped bar would sit nicely on top of any obstruction to avoid wrinkling the fabric.

Roller Blind Chain

One of the most important factors for blinds is the efficiency of the roller blind chain. The persistent problem with regular combi blinds is that the tension in the pulley cannot maintain how the fabric sits well. The single roller mechanism 

because they are proceeding in the same direction and are more likely to rub into each other. The fabric is also exposed, leading to more dust accumulation.

The WinUs® New Combi Blinds fixes this with the patented Dual Roller Mechanism. Fitted with high precision hard wearing gears, it is silent and designed to require 50% less movement! A smoother pulley operation and the tension maintains where the fabric sits perfectly, giving you precise control.

These are some of the stark improvements WinUs® made for their New Combi Blinds in comparison to others. Get to know these innovative blinds and more with Picket&Rail by visiting our Furniture Megastore @ 25 Tagore.