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Choosing a F&B Table of the Right Size

Choosing the right sized F&B restaurant table is critical for any food and beverage establishment - it impacts your profitability directly. If your table is too small, it may not fit your plates and place settings, and if it is too large, it will take up excess space, resulting in an insufficient number of seats and tables to meet the requirements of your business plan. The right table sizes will maximize seating capacity and thus, profit, while at the same time minimizing waiting and turnover time for customers. It's imperative that you know exactly how much space you have to devote to your seating.

For Dining Flexibility

The optimal dining F&B table size is 70x55cm. This size has sufficient surface area to fit two large 12-inch plates comfortably. Its narrow width saves a lot of space, especially along five foot ways or narrow corridors, which are common in conservation shop houses and old shopping centres. 

These tables are usually placed in pairs. Two tables together are good for serving four. Move the tables apart and you can serve up to two separate couples.

For All-day Flexibility

The favourite among larger establishments serving all-day drinks, snacks and simple meals is our 70x70cm square table. This table is also a good choice for pizzerias and Mexican restaurants. It easily serves four with medium-sized 10-inch plates. Ideal for establishments serving "small plates", coffee, and beer, the table creates a "meeting place" type environment with all the seats facing each other. It's pretty much the ideal setup for a small group.

It's also suitable for seating two in a more formal environment where multiple courses are served. Two tables joined together can serve 4-6. This combination is suitable for Asian and family restaurants.

For Day Snacks and Drinks

Our most compact models feature a 60x60cm top. This is ideal for snack shops, cafes and coffee joints. It is more intimate than a table with a width of 70cm and is great for creating a more cosy environment. The table is just nice for four in a drinks-and-snacks-only setup. In a more formal setting, it seats two. These tables maximize space and work especially well in less formal restaurants but also enhance the intimate ambiance in a more fine-dining oriented place.

These tables can be placed in pairs for a seating capacity that can easily accommodate a group of four or more in a casual setting. When separated, they can cater to two groups. They are an easy choice for smaller establishments and can be combined to accommodate parties of varying sizes.

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