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The Pavesino - The Ultimate Café Chair

The Pavesino was inspired by early 20th Century European school chairs. Light, stackable and indestructible, the chair was designed by Silvia Marlia for Dix Studio.

This chair is mainly constructed from mild steel tubes and is inexpensive to manufacture. Previously, the branding, distribution layers and over-marketing done for a product designed by such a renowned studio made it unnecessarily expensive. We have rebuilt the entire manufacturing process as well as the distribution structure from the ground up, with an eye towards making this chair much more affordable. Revolutionary changes were needed if we wanted to have a quantum effect on the price, and we believe we have succeeded. At SODA you can now purchase this product at an unheard-of price. Although it seems too good to be true, the Pavesino is now good and cheap.

The wood seat version is our most popular. We have cushioned seats in a variety of colors, and there is no large minimum quantity to purchase in order to enjoy these prices. This chair design is ideal for cafes and informal F&B outlets. It ages well and is extremely rugged, with a lifespan that is typically two to three times that of other chairs. 

We have three table sizes in stock for pairing with the Pavesino, each of which suits a different cafe arrangement. 

  • A 70cm x 70cm table is suitable for a party of four, being large enough to comfortably 4 lunch or dinner plates. 
  • A 70cm x 55cm table is suitable for two. This size is very popular for narrow cafes, and also introduces flexibility to address different customer group sizes. Tables can be joined, but with the joint width under 1.1m. 
  • A 60cm x 60cm table suits two or four, depending on load. This smallest size of table can sit two for a small meal, and up to four is fine when serving only coffee,  beverages, snacks and cakes. 

It is ultimately the inherent design qualities of this chair that will keep it a classic even in a hundred years' time. It's stackable, easy to clean, good-looking, light, comfortable, low maintenance, and incredibly strong. The slightly slanted legs provide lateral strength and eliminate chair sway. The high-level engineering and continuous-welding technique features in its construction are the secrets to its Herculean strength. The welding of all components into a single, continuous masterpiece removes any structural weakness. Formerly, the Pavesino's only Achilles heel previously was its price. Now even that has been addressed by SODA .  

Few designs can claim to possess all these qualities. It is an extremely safe choice, and  you find yourself in a bind trying to select a chair from amongst hundreds of designs just go with the Pavesino. A no-brainer.

The Pavesino gives you, as an F&B establishment owner, the freedom to focus your energy on food and service.