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How Art at Home Speeds Children's Development

Interacting with art expands a child’s ability to comprehend the world around them. This provides a new set of skills for self-expression and communication. Art helps to develop the right side of the brain, it also cultivates important skills that benefit a child’s development. 

But art goes far beyond the tangible statistics measured by studies. It can become a pivotal mode of uninhibited self-expression for your child. Art matters the same way language matters. Or the way that breathing matters!

Therefore, hanging wall art can be your child’s first engagement into the creative arts that accompany a laundry list of benefits.  

How Art at Home Speeds Children's Development - Picket&Rail

Promotes Creativity 

Creativity is the ability to think outside the proverbial box. The ability to string two unrelated ideas together in a new way. Solutions to major problems and breakthroughs of all kinds are linked to creativity. 

A few abstract art pieces can help your child’s imagination to grow and can be a great bonding experience when discussing your thoughts!

How Art at Home Speeds Children's Development - Picket&Rail

Encourages Neural Connections

Art is an activity that can employ all the senses: sight, sound, touch, smell, and taste depending on the activity. Children’s brain synapses fire away as they experiment and create by squishing paint between their fingers, mixing colors & materials, or drawing from imagination or what they see in front of them.

Introducing a well-known artist such as social activist Keith Haring to your child will build art’s relevance in any political landscape.

How Art at Home Speeds Children's Development - Picket&Rail

Problem-solving Skills

Open-ended, process-oriented art is nothing but an endless opportunity for making choices, coming to conclusions, second-guessing decisions, and evaluating results.

Children become more comfortable with uncertainty and remain flexible thinkers, which is key for creativity and confidence. And the more experience they have with a variety of materials and techniques, the more likely they are to try new combinations and ideas.

Cartography artwork is a reimagination of the atlas and it will become a great example of combining the academics with the arts. Such cross curricular activities enhances children's mental development.



Children absorb incredible amounts of new information, and they need to process what they have learned in a safe, reflective way. Art allows them to explore feelings and deal with both daily and significant events.

Art materials provide a safe outlet for emotions. Feelings and ideas can be reduced to a manageable size and manipulated as desired. This is a way that words may not be able to do, or that may be more comfortable for them than words.

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