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A&B Home, Inc. was founded in 1993 and recognized as an international leader within the home décor, furniture, garden and seasonal product categories.

Home Accessories - A&B is America #1 Home Decor Brand

Home Accessories - Picket&Rail

Art & Decoration add soul to the home. Thayare a perfect finishing touch to bring your interior design to the next level. Picket&Rail is proud to offer a curated range of accessories by AB Home. They include decorations of many types so you can mix and match the décor to suit your home.

Many of our home accessories are handmade, and we order in small batches. When you buy from us you can be confident that you’re adorning your home with items that are unique and limited edition.

Blending function with art is our style, we also have a lot of stuff that is both artistic and functional.  

Use storage boxes and trays to organize tabletop clutter and entertain in style. Decorative scented candles with ornate cup design enhance your home both visually and aromatically. Hourglasses both fascinate and help you focus and keep track of the time.

Decorative wall shelving and standing shelving add storage and ambiance. Decorative screens both separate spaces and add visual interest. Small pieces like stools, side tables and end tables can hold remotes, drinks, or be brought out for extra guests.

Home Accessories For The Wall

To beautify your walls with home accessories and make them more exciting, we have a wide selection of wall art and wall decorations, from paintings, wall sculptures in metal, glass and stone to complex mechanical clocks. We also stock mirrors and wall pieces which integrate mirrors to give a feeling of lightness and space. Wall accents like these help bring otherwise flat and plain walls to life.

The same goes for flat surfaces. Sometimes big empty spaces like shelves and table top home accessories to make them feel less empty and basic. You can inject some creativity with decorative and fun items like hourglasses, vases and sculpturesthat can stand as centerpieces for your dining table or add visual pop and interest to shelves, sideboards and coffee tables.

If you’re inspired by nature, we have plenty of animal and plant-themed pieces too so you can bring some natural elements into your city home.

Come shop with us for your home accessories, so your art can both beautify and enhance your home.

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