6 Small Décor Ideas That Make a Difference - Picket&Rail Custom Furniture Interiors 6 Small Décor Ideas That Make a Difference - Picket&Rail Custom Furniture Interiors

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6 Small Décor Ideas That Make a Difference

Getting bored of your own room after a long period of Circuit Breaker? Thinking about major changes like repainting or investing in new statement furniture? Hold your horses and strap your wallets, before splashing on big and bold new pieces, consider these small statement decor items to bring personality into the space. 

Not all expensive and ‘high brow’ furniture are made equal, it’s the little things that contribute to the bigger picture. Smalls can provide detail to the aesthetic and emotional uplift to any interior! Whether you’re beginning your journey on a room redo project or looking to change up a few things, you can use family heirlooms, pre-loved pieces, or small and unique decor items to make the space special. 

These small but mighty items can be added to your shopping cart without making a huge dent in your bank account:

embroider moroccan tile inspired pillowgrey lamb fur pillowwhite embroidered flowers square pillow

1. Textiles

Level up the comfort of any place with pillows and throws! Charming, humorous, and bold, a few bright textiles on your sofa or bed will make it feel brand new. Choose from these cute, shaggy, ruffly lamb fur pillows, an embroidered Moroccan-inspired patterned pillow or place a preppy fringe throw and you’re all set.

pillows resting against a L-shaped sofa in a modern industrial interior setting


keith haring by silian artmagesa biseko by silian artrob delamater by silian art

2. Licensed Prints and Wall Art
Being stuck at home means spending more time staring at your walls, if not at your screen. Look away from social media for a bit and hang up this amazingly detailedmirror wall art of the world atlas, even if we can’t physically travel. For works of accomplished artists, browse the famous San Francisco artistsRob Delamater Abstract Art collection,Magesa Biseko’s Glowing Seashells collection orKeith Haring’s graffiti pop art street collection! Not too into colours but need to make a statement? Thistrendy gold-plated wall accent might be up your alley. Once they’re up, your room will have a whole different ambiance, and easily changeable once you’re bored of it!
baby blue shell vasebeige pottery vasefour terracotta planters


3. Vases and Botanicals

The most affordable and easiest way to reinvent a space is to style it with botanicals, both real and faux. No more worrying about the plant wilting, or setting up a water schedule on top of your busy day. Thesehydrangeas of multiple colours,trending evergreen succulents and unique vases will add life and vibrance! If you’re a beach person, ourbeautiful baby blue shell vase will be right up your alley, and we’d recommend arounded beige Peyton Bowl Planter for the fellow minimalists. Using any of these in an empty corner is a great way to create a modern, organic feel without spending a fortune!

plants displayed in a minimalist scandinavian interior setting



twinkly sunburst mirror wall accentsimple hanging wall mirrorhollywood glam oval gold mirror


4. Mirrors

Mirrors are the best addition for anyone who is living in close quarters. To make the most of the possibilities that a mirror could offer, you need to think carefully about where you want to place it. Bigger mirrors in smaller rooms can make it seem spacious, while decorative mirrors create more visual depth and brighten up a spot when placed at the right position reflecting natural light. To tickle your fancy, go with a statementtwinkling sunburst round wall mirror or arustic Hollywood glam oval mirror to elevate your #mirrorselfies. To achieve that simple, Scandinavian style, ourhanging round mirror will fit right into this style perfectly.

metal mirror wall art accent displayed on a statement wall.
ceramic lidded tall succulentsilver winged accentfossil inspired seahorse sculpturegreen quartz stone decorative15 minute black sand hourglassprehistoric silver lady sculpture with spear


5. Sculptures and Decoratives

If you love mixing patterns and colours, adding a small, colourful sculpture can make your bookshelf or console table pop. From family heirlooms to a souvenir from a trip, this piece will not only add personality, it becomes a meaningful reminder. Small sculptures and ceramics such as thiscute ceramic succulent orfossil-inspired seahorse accent can be used to style a bookcase or coffee table! To add drama and ooze exuberance, thesilver winged accent, ashiny coloured quartz stone ora sleek black sand hourglass can be placed in the center to draw attention. When choosing an accent, let your creativity roam free and see where it takes you!

fossil sculptures inspired by flora and fauna displayed on a shelf


standing gold bird tealight candle holdercake display glass domesilver rustic glam metal mirror tray

6. Tabletop Touches

Are you having more meals at home these days? Might as well dine in style. Fromelegant candle holders for romantic date nights, to glam glasses and attractive centerpieces, there are plenty of ways to make the eating at home experience a little more sophisticated. Display your baked goods for tea-time hotelier style witha glass dome to keep it fresh, serve cocktails and drinks witha classic vintage metal mirror tray or browse through ourdinnerware collection to elevate plating for a complete gastronomy experience in the comfort of your own home. 

transparent artistic candle holders displayed next to a three tier cake tray with silver branch


Now that you’re equipped with the knowledge of basic small decor, go forth and deck out your space with confidence!