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Creating Good Fortune with Candles

It is said that the most successful people have spiritual guides and readers to direct them on their path to greatness. Growing up in Singapore, we are no strangers to expensive, superfluous decorative items that are constantly marketed as ‘lucky’ to innocent customers. Whether it is plain placebo or divine truth, the practical takeaways from feng shui are still worthy of trying and might influence a positive outlook on life.

Candles are the strongest expressions of the fire feng shui element in your space. They are believed to invoke purifying and inspiring energy into the home to help relieve stress and manifest great fortune. The warm glow beckons a creative and vibrant vibe, filling a room with passion in an intimate ambiance. 

Whenever life feels dull and routine, light a candle. Excitement, warmth and zeal shall ensue!

Ideal Rooms

The bedroom is the one space that should not be without candles. As a sanctuary of intimacy, rest and relaxation, candles sitting on the nightstand can purify and warm up the energy for better quality sleep. Rather than harsh LED bulbs, scented candles are great at softly illuminating a dark room at night, creating a soothing atmosphere for couples and children. To keep the fire burning through the night while you rest, place the candles in theGibson Speakeasy Lanterns for a charming, old-school look and an added peace of mind. Always remember to keep precaution of the surroundings and prioritize safety above all else. 

Candles are a great addition in the bathroom when you’re washing away the dirt and grime of today to start afresh tomorrow. Cleanse the stagnant, stuffy energy with aYellow Selenite Tealight Candle Holder, the most prized crystal known as “liquid light”. Selenite is powerful at clearing blockages to uplift your spirit, so pairing it with a candle will invite lots of fiery, positive qi. The lotus symbolizes purity in speech and mind, thus having a shimmering set of Lotus Candle Holders in your bathroom can help build this energy too!

Last but not least, in any space of entertainment and gathering, such as the living room, a candle should be there to energize. The Eliana Marble Candle sitting atop the Cora Pillar Candle Holder will stir confidence and happiness in anyone basking in its glow. Whenever friends or family members are over, light a candle up to celebrate the occasion as a sign of blessing for anyone that steps into your home.

Photo by Taryn Elliott from Pexels

Best Directions


In feng shui, the house is divided into eight regions to represent the fundamental principles of reality. The ancient Chinese studied this to analyse directions, locations, causes and effect of the universal patterns to predict individual destiny and fortune. The chart is known as the bagua/pakwa/pakua, presented in an octagonal chart (but simplified in a square grid) with clear directional instructions for positive manifestations. 

Use a compass to determine the exact direction of your front door, then align the reading with your bagua onto the floor plan. Repeat this process for each of the rooms in your home and set the roadmap to create good luck.

In particular for candles, the South (career, fame, reputation), Southwest (love, marriage, relationships), Northeast (knowledge, self-cultivation) and the Center (health) are the best places for the fiery element to thrive. Be mindful of the colours, especially candleholders, when purchasing these treatments so as to attract the right energy and keep the qi in balance.


Ingredients Matter

It is tempting to take a plunge into the deep, but do remember to take a step back and assess the quality of the candles. The minimum burn time is approximately an hour, hence being picky while shopping is a must. Do not hesitate to invest inbeeswax orsoy candles over paraffin-based products because they are environmentally-friendly, lasts longer and burns cleaner. All of the candles, scented and unscented, sold on Picket&Rail are soy-based to ensure that our products are family-friendly! Browse the full collection of soy candles here. We also offerLED candles for those who want the glow sans the danger. 

We highly encourage our customers to do the research and establish a realistic budget before (mass) purchasing candles. Bedrooms are a great first start. We hope these tips help you achieve better rest and attract good fortune.

Disclaimer: We are by no means professional feng shui practitioners. The information included in this article is based on extensive multimedia research that cannot replace years of mastery and formal education. For serious concerns, please consult a trusted professional.