Why Lanterns Are A Must-Have - Picket&Rail Custom Furniture Interiors Why Lanterns Are A Must-Have - Picket&Rail Custom Furniture Interiors

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Why Lanterns Are A Must-Have

If you’re looking to introduce a sophisticated touch to a classically styled office space, or adding a rustic note to cozy up the porch, lanterns are the flair you’re looking for. They come in an uncountable variety of shapes, sizes, and styles given its extensive history. Besides being a candleholder, lanterns can be used for various occasions depending on the decor and it can really set the mood!

It’s time to get creative and imagine the possibilities with the ubiquitous lanterns. Here are a few ways on how to style them for your home.


Hang them at your patio

Great for late night parties and gatherings at your gazebo. A soft light source is ideal for intimate conversations and group fun over some wine. You can add a few on the ground as well to light up the way. A very easy chic and casual decor!


Use them as table centrepieces

There’s something relaxing about the flickering light of a candle. Place it in a lantern to keep the smoke at bay especially when you have children around, while still enjoying the scent. Perfect for date nights with a peace of mind!


Themed console table

Uniquely designed lanterns make a great console statement. The vignette would elevate the look of your interiors and definitely impress your guests. You can leave it empty, or place some ornaments, succulents or collectibles to display.


By the stairs for special occasions

Planning to celebrate an important milestone at home? Get small lanterns in multiple colours to replace tealight holders and place them by the staircase. They can be a temporary exhibit or find themselves a place in the home there.


Hang them on the wall

Such a rustic vibe! If your house doesn’t have enough space for a lamp, wall lanterns would be great as task and ambiance lighting while saving much precious space. It’ll look less cluttered as well!


Build-Your-Own style

The possibilities with lanterns are literally endless. Showcase a fresh bouquet arrangement, place tangled fairy lights, create your own terrarium, build nativity scenes or decorate with ornaments of the season. It’s an inexpensive way to refresh your home constantly!