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Sculptures Can Add A Wow Factor To Your Home Decor

Statues & sculptures are actually amazing and spectacular forms of fine arts, creative skills and polished work which are always able to touch the high sky of ornamentation and decors in interior spaces as well as at the exteriors.  

A testament to creativity and handicraft - statues and sculptures are highbrow works of art that you can touch and own. They are treasured pieces perfectly suited for all informal contemporary spaces, even though they are mostly displayed at formal workplaces such as hotel lobbies, receptions, cabins, and restaurant counters. 

Placement Of Scupltures 

Sculpture by definition is 3-dimensional, so it needs to be displayed in a spacious place. They are fitting for your balcony, living room, bedroom, or kitchen to showcase its full glory.

Here are a few tips for the perfect placement:

  • Room size matters the most for the installation of any small, big or medium size statue or sculpture. Bigger rooms have better appetite to accommodate any kind of big or medium size statue or sculpture. Whereas, small rooms look nice with small art sculptures.

  • Furniture placement, furniture size, texture, material do matter a lot. Sculpture and statues need to blend in completely with your present interior designs and decors. If they don’t match well with the present design and décor they are considered to be a part of imposed designing.
  • Placement of small size sculptures such as animal and tabletop accents are perfectly suitable at coffee tables in the living room, corner tables of rooms, kid’s room and family rooms.

  • Figure sculptures are best placed at entrance, bathroom spaces, living area vacant corners, big halls, office galleries, conference rooms etc.

  • Place them on a console table or sideboard alongside other decor. For a luxurious look, set it on a marble top pedestal table.

  • Always place a statue facing into your room unless placed at the entrance of home.

Vacant Spaces Are Ideal

Enhance your interiors with perfect placement of these fine art pieces. Remember, sculptures and statues should be placed at a vacant space, corner, niche or nook where they can breathe freely and glam up the beauty of your interiors. 

A well placed sculpture can become a focal point within a room or outdoor space. It is one of the best options when you aim at creating a vignette or sort of old world charm. They can be mixed and matched to merge the magic of the classic with a touch of modernism. However, be mindful that the statues and sculptures of your choice suit the whole design of the project. 

These wonderful loving pieces of art will always adorn your interiors. They have the power to bring life, brightness to any dull and dead space. A space without art is a space wasted so adore your residential and commercial areas with excellent, skilful and creative statues and sculptures.

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