Increase Productivity with These Modern Study Designs - Picket&Rail Custom Furniture Interiors Increase Productivity with These Modern Study Designs - Picket&Rail Custom Furniture Interiors

Furnished Over 550,000+ Homes Trusted Since 1999

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Furnished Over 550,000+ Homes Trusted Since 1999

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Increase Productivity with These Modern Study Designs

A comfortable and personalized study desk is the key to success, besides hard work and dedication. Your built environment affects your mental strength, motivation and focus heavily, hence why you feel sleepy when you see a bed or get into your relaxation mode when sitting on the living room couch.

Your home office and study desk is where 100% of the productivity happens. It’s high time you pay attention to all the little details in your built environment to work for you instead of against you. Solid wood modular furniture by Norya is the best range suited for all home offices and studies!

Study Lap Desk with Low Cabinet Attachment

Keep all your important files and notes organized in the neat little bookcase that is easily accessible. This modern study design improves workflow and execution which is the cause of 70% of procrastination efforts. When everything is kept in one place within an arm’s reach, you’re likely to be more organized in thought and projects can be easily referenced anytime. 

Norya’s lap desk is perfect for unconstrained leg space, letting you stretch and rest in any position you’d prefer. The height of the bookcase can be tailored to your preferences, alongside open or closed shelving for your convenience. Switch out the solid wood slab base to an open shelf or welded metal to suit your style. The low side cabinet can be turned into a gallery or creative space to get your juices flowing!

Doesn’t this just look ideal in your home office?

Modern Lap Apron with Bookcase Attachment

Some work better with more light and some prefer a little more darkness. Choose from three European wood grains, which are American Black Walnut, European Dark Oak and German Light Oak that best compliment your style and interiors to inspire new ideas and work in your ideal environment.

Norya’s dark grey carcasses in the European Dark Oak collection are an excellent choice for those who prefer the dark, moody, premium look. Pair this combination with a leather recliner or office chair for a fully furnished look. The wood grains just pop and the leather exudes a professional vibe that modern standard offices can’t compete with!

Creative Industrial German Light Oak

The snazzy creative would appreciate this look. Powder-coated steel contrasts against the German Light Oak wood to create an exciting vignette. Paired with light grey sliding cabinet doors and a floating divided shelf on top, this study table will stand out and inspire productivity no matter where it is placed! 

The layout is so versatile and contemporary, box-packed furniture can never achieve this benchmark. It can fit in your living room as a reading nook as well instead of it being strictly a study desk. Moreover, this timeless design with the durable Norya qualities means the study desk can last from primary schooling all the way to tertiary.

Norya is emblematic of sophistication and functionality. We promise durability with over 1000+ configurations with their modular furniture for a solution in every home. Home offices don’t need to be a boring place, especially when hybrid schedules are becoming the norm. It’s vital to draw boundaries in your spaces so that you can function at your best and get to relax when you need to. Invest in your home office or study desk today with Norya!