Top 10 Best Safe Furniture Design in Singapore - Picket&Rail Custom Furniture Interiors Top 10 Best Safe Furniture Design in Singapore - Picket&Rail Custom Furniture Interiors

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Top 10 Best Safe Furniture Design in Singapore

The little things in furniture design changes the whole experience, especially when safety is a major concern. Whether you're an accident prone adult staying with your elderly parents, young children or babies or toddlers or clumsy roommates, these features will come in handy no matter which stage of life you're in.

Picket&Rail is a thinking family brand to ensure that all of our furniture and accessories express healthy living through antimicrobial surfaces, strict safety standards, formaldehyde-free materials, and functional improvement. Read the features of each product to learn more about how our furniture can serve your family better!

#1 - Auto-Stop Recliner Function

Kuka KM.5065 Full Top Grain Leather Electrical Recliner Sofa 2/3-Seater

Kuka's electrical recliners are made to withstand daily use. The American famed Leggett&Platt reclining mechanism is securely fitted in the solid wood larch frame. To recline, simply press the button or touch sensor to activate. Your headrest and footrest will slowly move into position, and you can stop the motion anytime to lock the angle. Unlike manual recliners which will recline into a standard angle, elderlies can simply adjust to the position they're most comfortable in for safety. The buttons are also placed at the side of the armrest for easy reach.

Furthermore, they come with a USB port to charge your phone while on the sofa. It's a super neat series that everyone needs in their home. Shop the wide range of Kuka top grain leather sofas, recliners and lounge chairs now!

 #2 - Singapore's Safest Bunk Beds

Americana Solid Wood Single and Super Single Bunk Beds

Designed by engineers, made from solid Malaysian oak, adheres to the strictest US/EU safety standards, and comes with a wooden plank base. Wooden slats for bunk beds are not recommended as it might sink and break with your children's growing weight, harming the individual on the bottom bunk.

Safety standards are extremely important for bunk beds. Inkagu, our mattress and bedding brand, carries natural latex foam mattresses that are suitable for bunk beds. Plus, our bunk beds can be separated into 2 single/super single beds - all for the price of one!

#3 - Anti Dust Mite And Dual Protection

Inkagu Tencel SuperCool EasyCare Fitted Bedsheet

Our bedsheets are the easiest to care for and offers maximum protection for you and your expensive mattress. With the latest European technology, a waterproof and anti-dust mite membrane is embossed on the underside of the sheets. This means that you don't need to cry over spilled milk because it won't soak your bed! If there is dirt, simply throw it in the washing machine with your usual detergent. It's also dryer friendly.

If you want the same protection for your pillows, check out our zip enclosed cosmetic pillow case that offer an improved sleep experience. Sign up to become a member today and get up to 50% off on our bedding!

#4 - Food Safe Dining Table Material

Norya Customized Sintered Stone Top Dining Table

A composite of clays, feldspars, kaolin, and quartz are blended, compacted, and fired at high heat to create this tough and beautiful man made stone. Compared to natural stones which are porous that allows bacteria and microbes to proliferate, sintered stone is food safe and antibacterial due to its non-porous nature. It is the optimal choice for messy diners and baking parties where food comes in direct contact with the table surface.

It is stain, heat, scratch, and chip-resistant, performing much better against the coveted natural stones. Customize the legs, sizes, and patterns to build your perfect dining table!

#5 - Cushy Padded Chairs For Longer Seating

Americana Modular Solid Wood Fabric Sofa Dining

This modular chair brings the living room comfort into your dining. It's modular, so you can piece the chairs together to create a long bench or loveseat depending on the occasion. Solid Malaysian oak with plush seats upholstered in light grey fabric means its sturdy and extremely cushy to sit on for hours. The best part? It's made for petites - your feet won't dangle off the ground when you're enjoying your meal.

Did you know that wood is naturally antimicrobial? That's why our wooden chopping boards last so long without moulding. A solid wood dining set is the best hygienic option for every household!

#6 - Soft Close and Anti-Slam

Customizable 6-Door Tatami Storage Beds

Nobody likes loud bangs in the house, moreover fingers getting slammed on drawers or doors. Being furniture experts, we foresaw that it would be an issue with our lift up panels on the tatami bed, so we added a soft close hydraulic mechanism that would solve this problem! This is also a prominent feature in most of our solid wood furniture, from nightstands to chests of drawers and console tables. A mark of premium furniture that can't be missed.

We also have other tatami bed configurations that mix drawers and lift up panels, or you can customize your own. Visit our Furniture, Art & Baby Megastore @ 25 Tagore to view all the available designs!

#7 - Anti-Chip Hardwood Cots

Cheeky Bon Bon Clover Convertible Cot

Picket&Rail Baby&Kids strongly takes the stance against pine wood, which is a softwood variant, used for baby cots. Pine is a low density wood, which means its porous nature readily absorbs moisture in the environment and retains it, leading to mould and bacteria growth. The last thing you need is to deal with rotting wood!

Our baby cots are all crafted from solid rubber wood, a durable hardwood, and is environmentally friendly. Rest assured that as Singapore's No. 1 Solid Wood Retailer, we take wood quality for baby furniture very seriously.

#8 - Cordless Blinds, Safe For Children

Winus Korean Antibacterial Cordless Blinds

You don't have to give up on aesthetics once you have a little one in the house. Parents opt for curtains because they're without cords, making them the safer choice albeit a dirtier one. Our Korean blinds, Winus, overcomes this by offering a cordless adjusting option, which only consists of a beaded string that you can pull to the height you desire. Using patented technology, the blinds have a UV-protection coating to protect your interiors and skin alongside antibacterial effects. So neat!

#9 - Soften The Hard Floor

Modern Designer Carpets and Rugs

The ground is the safest place, but extra padding is needed when your little one gets rowdy with their toys. A carpet can do just the trick - it softens the floor, the material feels silky, and highly stain resistant. Instead of purchasing the unsustainable plastic foam floor tiles, an eco-friendly carpet would suffice.

Our carpets have silk threads interlaced with high-resilience grade polyester to ensure long lasting use while being easy to maintain. It's fire rated and great for pets and kids at home. We've got lots of modern and contemporary design selections available at 25 Tagore! Plus, members get to enjoy 20% off, just sign up to receive the discount!


#10 - Healthier And Better Than Paraffin

Scented Soy Wax Candles

Paraffin wax candles are a cheap and convenient aromatherapy choice, but give it a second thought when you have children and elderly around. It releases more soot and toxins as it is a distilled product of petroleum. There are many healthier alternatives to scented candles, and soy is the most popular so far because of its slow burn, low melting point, and plant based origin.

A&B Home is America's favourite home decor brand and 100% of their candles are made from soy wax, sourced from American farmers. The scents are certified for safe use and long lasting aroma. In unique jar designs and accents, select from a curated range of scents today!


#11 - Rear-facing Baby Car Seat

Maxi-Cosi 360 Car Seat Family

Riding rear-facing car seats have big safety advantages that parents should strongly consider. It reduces spinal cord stretch of their soft bones in a crash by supporting the child's head. Your child's chance of being injured is reduced because it absorbs some of the shock of the crash. As recommended by American Academy of Pediatrics (AAP), your infant should sit in these until they reach the seat's limit (height and weight).

#12 - Prevent SIDS Easily

Cheeky Bon Bon Multicare II Baby Mattress

Did you know that Sudden Infant Death Syndrome (SIDS) causes 90.1 deaths per 100,000 live births in the US? It's more common than we think. You can skimp on some things, but baby cots and mattresses are not one of those. Purchasing it from a popular and trusted brand can reduce your worries in the long run.

Cheeky Bon Bon is Singapore's favourite bedding brand since 1993. The Multicare II mattress is made specifically to prevent suffocation while your baby is sleeping or playing. Layered foams provides soft cushioning that does not sink. It has two reversible sides: latex foam top which is firmer and cooler, best for newborns and hot days; memory foam bottom is softer and warmer for cooler days, when your baby has strength in their neck (around one and half age mark).