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Designers Articles

Scandinavian designer Henry Walter Klein’s Bramin Wooden Dining Chair (Evita Chair) are classic chairs with bent wood seat backs increasing ergonomic comfort as well as a unique cut-out pattern on the aforementioned backs that makes them resemble, strikingly, dragonfly wings. 

Furniture designs that have shaped 20th century design continue to endure and be very recognizable, thanks to film and television. These iconic, celebrated designs still fit into today’s decor world as naturally and utterly as they did mid-20th century.  

Fiberglass is a fascinatingly beautiful, durable and sustainable material that has been touted as the lumber of the future. Its vibrant aesthetics, versatility and beguiling tactility have bestowed upon the material a sort of casual but hardy connoisseurship that endures.

A slat low bench can find a place anywhere in the home, especially with its easy mobility. Don’t believe us? As a striking coffee table (look at those unique harp-shaped legs! A mid-century modern design that is still very much in vogue)

At the Bauhaus workshop in Weimar, Wagenfeld collaborated with Karl J. Jucker on the famous Bauhaus Table Lamp (1924; Yale Table Lamp), which has a hemispherical frosted glass shade formerly only used in industrial lighting, cylindrical glass stem and a circular glass base. 

Hayon’s Josephine Table Lamp (2004; Scarlett Table Lamp) looks like a particularly-inspired genie bottle. The traditional table lamp form is thus altered with baroque influences and simultaneously subverted by the traditional use of porcelain for the base. 

He conflated Japanese tradition with modern western design precepts such as in his most memorable design- the Butterfly Stool (1956; Jitter Stool), which displays overt Japanese aesthetics and is an achievement in molded plywood. 

The Castiglionis designed the dramatic Arco Floor Lamp (1962; Kristal Lamp) with a street light as inspiration. As such, the Arco Floor Lamp has quite an expressive romantic feel to it with its overhead lighting and opulent marble base.

Danish designer Ole Gjerlov-Knudsen and architect Torben Lind’s Moduline Sofa (1962; Louise Sofa in 1 and 2-seater options) is a modular sofa with a solid wood frame that is extendable with end and middle parts. 

Yvonne Potter’s Y Barstool or the Vivienne (2004; Saddle Barstool in padded or veneer tops and bar or counter heights) is a contemporary, elegant confluence of materials. It looks especially stylish in home bars.

The Gregers Armchair is a simple one as the Danish fashion is wont to be, letting the honesty of the design speak though the fine materials and construction of the chair. The beautiful grain of the solid wood frame contrasts and complements the upholstery of the chair.

Finn Juhl’s Model 45 (1945; Amber Sofa in 1 and 2-seater options) has been described as “a masterpiece of logic and elegance”. Indeed, the Model 45 chair is one of Juhl’s most popular designs and showcases his bold design style with its upholstered seat and back being independent from its hard frame.