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Art & Home Decor Articles

Read our Art & Home Decor Articles for tips and tricks, latest news, guides, styling advice, interior design, soft furnishings, feature walls, home gallery, rugs & more from A&B Home at Picket&Rail.


Statues & sculptures are actually amazing and spectacular forms of fine arts, creative skills and polished work which are always able to touch the high sky of ornamentation and decors in interior spaces as well as at the exteriors. Here are a few tips to find the perfect placement in your home!
If you’re looking to introduce a sophisticated touch to a classically styled office space, or adding a rustic note to cozy up the porch, lanterns are the flair you’re looking for. Besides being a candleholder, lanterns can be used for various occasions depending on the decor and it can really set the mood!
A bare wall is no fun. Many homeowners focus on the furniture and forget to consider the adornment on their walls beyond a lick of paint or fresh sheet of wallpaper. With the appropriate decoration hung on the wall, any living space can be transformed from plain and boring to unique and personal. Purchasing the right piece of art to complement each room in your abode can be a challenging task. Once you find a piece befitting your decor, it sets the theme for the entire room and space you’re working with. It defines the personality of the homeowner and their space, harmonizes odd pieces whilst creating character in a home. 
A rug completes a room by tying all the different eclectic pieces together, anchors and defines a space, adds warmth, and helps with decor layering. There are multiple ways to decorate with a rug, your creativity is truly the limit, but here are the ten most popular methods that Picket&Rail swears by.

Candles are believed to invoke purifying and inspiring energy into the home to help relieve stress and manifest great fortune. Whether it is plain placebo or divine truth, the practical takeaways from feng shui are still worthy of trying and might influence a positive outlook on life.

Getting bored of your own room after a long period of Circuit Breaker? Thinking about major changes like repainting or investing in new statement furniture? Hold your horses and strap your wallets, before splashing on big and bold new pieces, consider these small statement decor items to bring personality into the space. 

Mirrors are an interior designer’s best friend. And with good reason! Interior designers find multiple uses for mirrors in home decor. Besides the obvious (and most prosaic) use as something to check your appearance in, designers can also use mirrors, framed in an intriguing manner, to transform the look of dull corners or plain hallways.

You’ve got the keys, the floor plan and the excitement, but you’re feeling confused and overwhelmed with how to decorate an empty house. Working with Picket&Rail's in-house renovation experts and interior design team, this is our foolproof blueprint to decorate your new home, from A to Z.