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Regardless of layout, floor space or type of home, there is nothing that Picket&Rail can't build, customize, renovate or furnish. Established since 1999, we have designed and furnished over 350,000 homes and counting.

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Visit our Design Center @ 35 Senang Crescent to visualize how to mix ready made furniture with customized ones easily. We are also BCA, HDB and CASE Trust approved organization.

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Be it a piece of furniture that needs customizing, or a room that need a minor facelift, or maybe you need just someone to help you relocate some electrical points or installation of fans, we're here to help.

0% Instalment

Finance your home renovation with Picket&Rail's zero interest monthly installment plan today! Fast approval! Up to 48 months. T&Cs apply.

BTO & HDB Reno Packages

Sign up for our super value BTO packages or choose to customized the package to fit your every need. We are flexible in meeting your needs.

Whole House Customization

Backed by an all in-house carpentry and installation team, get a free site visit and measurement when you sign up with us!

Customized Wardrobes

We offer walk-in wardrobes, full sliding & swing door wardrobe customization with choices of premium hardware parts from BLUM, Heittich, Titus & more!

Premium Kitchen Cabinets

Renovate your dream kitchen to meet all your cooking and dining needs. We will integrate all the necessary hardware, equipment and services.

Customized Bathroom Cabinets

Re-imagine your bathroom spaces with practical yet aesthetically pleasing cabinet designs, shower screens and bathroom accessories.

Masonry & Tiling Works

This is one of our highly sought-after services. Our customers simply love the tiling works of their floors and walls with impeccable finishes.


Reliable professional in-house painters with years of experience in HDB, Condo & Commercial projects.

Electrical Works

Relocation of new/old lighting points, casing, rewiring and installation.

False Ceiling

We provide all kinds of false ceiling works, dry wall partition works and electrical works for residential and commercial projects.

Plumbing & Sanitary Works

We provide professional sanitary solutions and plumbing services to residential homes in Singapore.

Feature Walls & Partitions

We provide living, dining & study room partition wall designs using only the best materials at very affordable prices.

Why Picket&Rail® Carpentry & Reno?

Carpentry Custom - Furniture Renovation Contractor & Interior Design

Picket&Rail Carpentry, Contractor & Renovation Interior Design Services

Instant 3D computer aided design is the perfect solution to custom carpentry, interior design, contractor works and renovation. Visualization and design technology can help address your unique requirements.

We use the latest in Industry 4.0 computer technology. With our computer-aided design service, we not only generate an accurate and reliable bill of materials for you, but we also provide 3D rotating views that make it easy to visualize your final product or design. This way, there is no need to second-guess your final outcome. 

If your carpentry portion is significant we can undertake the entire renovation project as the main contractor and key interior designer.

Partnership With World #1 Cabinet Maker

Suofeiya is the world's #1 best customized carpentry, hotel project furniture contractor and wardrobe maker. They design and manufacture custom furniture for the whole house. Picket&Rail's custom carpentry, renovation and interior design team are trained by them. Computer aided design is the perfect solution if you want custom carpentry that meets your unique needs with as little errors as possible. We can undertake any interior design that includes designing dining, living room, bedroom, kitchen furniture. Everything will be customized to your required dimensions, design and materials.

Originally spun off from the French Sogal Group. Founded in 2003, Suofeiya has grown to become the top leading cabinetry manufacturer in the world. It has more than 12,000 employees and 95 acres of manufacturing resources. Their factories house advanced Industry 4.0 production equipment (HOMAG from Germany). Every year they produce more than 250,000 sets of customized kitchen cabinets, 2,050,000 wardrobes, 400,000 bathroom cabinets and 250,000 interior doors.

Suofeiya is the first cabinetry manufacture to go public in China. Today Suofeiya has 3,000 sales outlets throughout Asia.

Free 3D Instant Rendering And Visualization

We offer the innovative advantage of free 3D design services utilizing cutting-edge industry 4.0 technology. With our state-of-the-art software and tools, customers can actively engage in the design process, visualizing their carpentry projects with remarkable precision and detail. Picket&Rail's skilled professionals leverage augmented reality and virtual reality capabilities, allowing clients to immerse themselves in lifelike virtual environments, making informed decisions and adjustments to their designs.

This active approach ensures that every aspect of the carpentry project is carefully considered, resulting in tailor-made solutions that meet the client's exact specifications. Picket&Rail's commitment to employing the latest industry 4.0 technology provides customers with a seamless and interactive experience, turning their carpentry visions into reality. This capability is not available to 95% of local contractors.

Experienced In-House Carpenters

Our carpentry team are fully in-house and professionally trained. Custom carpentry is an excellent way to add a personal touch to your home or office, and to showcase your individuality through your furniture. Our skilled carpenters use their expertise to craft customized items according to the specific requirements of their clients. The end result is a beautifully crafted and one-of-a-kind piece of furniture that perfectly fits the client's needs and style.

Custom Carpentry - Build Any Furniture

We use only the best engineering wood panels which are three times stronger than solid wood! Customized furniture types includes


We have 0% instalments payment plans up to 36 months with free house site visit, design consultation and quotation. We can also assist in introducing you to banks we are familiar with.

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TV consoles are an essential piece of furniture in any living room or entertainment area. They not only hold your prized television but also offer storage and display options for various media components and decorative items. 
A well-designed TV console with efficient cable management can significantly improve the aesthetics and functionality of your entertainment area. Messy and unsightly cables can be a common issue in modern homes, especially with the increasing number of devices and gadgets we use on a daily basis.
The availability of warranties or guarantees for custom built-in kitchen cabinets may vary depending on the manufacturer, cabinet maker, or contractor you work with. It's important to discuss warranty options and coverage with the professionals involved in the design and installation of your cabinets. Here are some points to consider: